Coinlyzer Referral Program

We are so excited to share our success with our users.

Here are the details of our Referral Program that you would like to know.

Coinlyzer Referral Program

What is the Referral Program?

Coinlyzer Referral Program is a reward system that pays recurring commission to the inviters when they invite new traders to become a Coinlyzer user.

Who can join the Program?

Each Coinlyzer user is automatically joined to the Referral Program.

Why do we have this Program?

The purpose of this Program is to thank our users for contributing to the growth of Coinlyzer by inviting other traders to use Coinlyzer.

How does the Program work?

  • Once you become a Coinlyzer user, you have a unique referral link.
  • Use your referral link while inviting other traders to Coinlyzer.
  • When a trader you invited (with your referral link) becomes a Coinlyzer user within 90 days, the trader becomes your invitee.
  • Your invitees with having an active subscription (monthly or annually) provide you to earn a commission from their subscription fees.

How do we calculate your earnings?

You will get 15-30% of the subscription fees of the traders you invited.

The percentage of the commission you get depends on the number of your invitees with an active subscription each month. So that your percentage can be changed each month according to the activities of your invitees.

Here are the commission levels according to the number of your invitees with an active subscription in that month:

Level 1





Level 2





Level 3





Level 4





How much can you earn?

It all depends on you, and there is no upper limit.

Each of your invitees provides you with earn money as long as they have an active subscription.

The more invitees you have, the more you earn.

How long can you get earnings?

You do not an get only one-time commission.

Instead, you get a recurring commission for each of your invitees' subscription fees as long as they have an active subscription.

This means when you have active invitees, you have a recurring monthly income from our Referral Program.

How do you get your earnings?

Withdraw cash

Once your balance becomes $50 or more, you can withdraw your earnings to your PayPal or bank account.

Deduct from your subscription fee

If you prefer, you can also deduct your earnings from your subscription fee without any threshold.