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The Coinlyzer Story

In the summer of 2017, we decided to enter the world of cryptocurrency trading.

The market was bullish. It was likely to catch good opportunities.

However, we were feeling that the process of analyzing coins was supposed to be easier.

There was so much information and hundreds of coins out there. Prices were highly volatile. We were trying to spot the right coins to buy so that we could make some profit. Noticing the opportunities at the right time was quite difficult.

Our days were passing by analyzing the coins one by one, all day long considering our criteria in our mind. However, we have realized that we were missing many great opportunities while searching for other coins during that time.

We were losing time, money and self-confidence during the analysis back and forth, and then we were entering FOMO trades.

We have always been looking for efficiency and ease in our life. The inefficiency and difficulty of the current analysis process for finding the right coins were bothering us each and every day.

We couldn’t find any solution to solve our needs, so we decided to build one for ourselves.

Once the tools we built helped us to save time and money (and also keep our self-confidence high) we were able to see that most of the traders were having actually similar problems.

We wanted to provide these tools to other traders to increase their trading success.

This is how Coinlyzer was born.

We believe that every trader can catch great trading opportunities when they are supported with great tools.

Come and join our journey to have your trading experience more enjoyable and less stressful.

Happy (and successful) trading,

Cem Tosuner

Cem Tosuner


Cuneyt Tosuner

Cuneyt Tosuner


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