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We know how frustrating coin hunting can be.

Without Coinlyzer

  • Active research required to find trading opportunities
  • Manually analyzing hundreds of coins one by one
  • Missing the right time of coins while analyzing others
  • Entering trades driven by FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)
  • Frustration

With Coinlyzer

  • Enjoy your free time while Coinlyzer does the research
  • Be instantly alerted to the right coins at the right time
  • Focus on only the coins matching your criteria
  • Enter trades with self-confidence
  • Full of pleasure

You are not alone. We care about your success.

There are always opportunities.

Only if you can catch them in time.

How Coinlyzer works to catch the right coins.

  • Set advanced criteria

    Set your custom criteria

    Create your advanced criteria easily by using candle data and technical indicators. No coding required.

  • Coinlyzer scans exchanges

    Coinlyzer scans exchanges 24/7 in real time

    Like a radar, Coinlyzer always scans all of the markets in the supported exchanges in real time.

  • Coinlyzer notifies coins

    Notice the matching coins

    Coinlyzer instantly notifies you of the coins that match your criteria.

  • Increase your success

    Increase your success

    Be more successful, save your time and money by focussing only on the right coins for you at the right time. No FOMO, no frustration.

Why do you need Coinlyzer?

Using Coinlyzer helps you avoid losing time, money and self‐confidence by eliminating Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) which occurs when you miss the right time to enter a trade.

Once again. There are always opportunities, only if you catch them in time.

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Transform yourself from a frustrated trader to an outstanding trader.

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We hate spam and promise to keep your email address safe